Ready to downsize or need to move due to a job relocation? Whether you crave more space or desire a different lifestyle all together, selling your home requires astute planning. Which remodeling updates are worth making and how extensively should you take it? When should you list your house on the market and at what asking price? What features of your home should you accentuate or down-play? Selling a property in today’s market has gotten quite sophisticated, as technology has raised the bar on buyers’ expectations. CQ Realty works with incisive sellers like you to sell your house by combining the latest and most effective online marketing strategies with the tried and true traditional marketing methodologies. From prudent home preparation advice, to adept marketing and contract negotiations, we are here to help you navigate the sale of your home to a successful close.

“Cindy is a very experienced and knowledgeable realtor. She was quick to understand my real estate needs and find the right solutions. She facilitated the whole process with great professionalism and attention to detail. She understands all of the requirements to make a successful transaction and follows through to completion in a very organized way. Handling property can be very challenging at times, but working with Cindy provides me with confidence that everything will run smoothly and be completed correctly. I would recommend her to anyone requiring an agent or advice with real estate.” – Tanya M.

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To break it down, we will begin by focusing on the updates that will garner you the greatest return on investment. We know what buyers love and what they will not tolerate, which can vary from one neighborhood to the next. It is never too soon to consult with us for input on your home remodeling plans, even before you are ready to sell your house.  We are always happy to share the latest market intelligence and assist where possible.

Next, properly pricing a house for sale is key in order to maximize exposure to the right buyers at the right time. The market determines the price, not the real estate agent and not the seller. We will review market data, timing and neighborhood standards with you to guide you to the best-fit price point for your sale listing.

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We offer you a robust online and offline marketing plan to efficiently sell your home. Our online initiatives involve listing your house for sale at the following real estate and social media platforms. 

Additionally, we cover all of our bases by including traditional marketing practices, such as hosting open houses, sending email flyers, displaying an attractive yard sign, etc.

The latter half of the sales process is just as important to execute skillfully, in order to achieve our goal of a smooth and favorable sale. We are here to guide you through the entire process, from negotiating with the buyers on the contract and any inspection-related repairs, to preparing for the walk-through and closing.

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